Removing The Blocks

How I came Alive!

Carolyn has been born with a gift and with the enthusiasm to share it with the world, yet also commendably assiduous in her training. I can’t recommend her highly enough – she’s a force of nature and a force for good.

Hi I’m Carolyn. I am an Acupuncturist and Meditation Coach.

I have been on a path of self discovery my whole life. I feel very blessed at such a young age to have the life experience and accumulated wisdom of some of the most amazing healers and spiritual teachers on this planet. I have dedicated my life to sharing this experience and practical wisdom. I highly value what I do. I spend vast amounts of time and money every year on self development and personal growth. I also see my own Acupuncturist at least every 3 weeks, and spend time with my spiritual teachers regularly and on meditation retreats.  I spend every spare moment meditating, reading and researching to become better and better at what I do, for You. I believe I offer exceptional value and as a result the value of my services goes up by about 20% each year. I also have my own radio show on Kennet radio where I interview some of the best minds in the personal development wellness and meditation fields – you can catch the replays of all of my shows on the homepage, and tune in live on the last Friday of each month on 106.7fm

I am currenty qualified extensively and hold a BSc Hons in Chinese Medicine

Equine Shiatsu Diploma

Certificate in Calmology which includes MindCalm meditation coaching, BodyCalm meditation coaching, Calm Cure and Mind Detox therapeutic coaching.

I have a level 3 diploma in massage – and over thirteen years experience

I am a Reiki master and Teacher

I was once a personal trainer so also hold qualifications in exercise and nutrition

plus the equivalent of three A levels in horse care and management!

What am I offering? I am offering transformation for you by combining the best of my personal experience and what I have learned from my personal ‘gurus’, with acupuncture, lifestyle advice, coaching and healing mediations. How does it work? Hit the ‘contact me‘ button below to tell me who you are and what you’d like help with , then we can arrange a free Skype or telephone call to see if we are good fit to work together on removing all of your blocks to happiness, wellness and success! I look forward to hearing from you…   What to do next:

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This site is designed to provide you with my understanding of what can work for you – over and above what you may have tried thus far.