An Interview with Carolyn Sykes Lic Ac from 2016


My previous life and how i got from where I was to where I am now :
I was always open to an extra Dimension of life and when I went to horse college at age 16 I did fall off my path and I got into drinking, partying and being a bit naughty really so that’s when I didn’t want to do all the things as a child I knew were right for me socialising with maybe not the most productive groups, I did end up losing myself. Losing interest for all the things that used to light me up when I was my true self. I just lived for the weekend I’d do any job that came along that would pay me some money I used to party all weekend and then have terrible hangovers and punish myself at the gym really hard all week and maybe be really healthy all week and then feel great again by the weekend and I’d blow all my money on some designer outfit and then go drinking again and then there was a cycle that just repeated itself over and over again and I was really not happy but I didn’t even know it I didn’t know that there was any more to life really everyone around me was doing it that’s how most people live today so maybe not to that extent but yeah a lot of people do live for the weekends a lot of people do find their job is just something that they have to do to pay the bills and it’s like this never-ending hamster wheel.

Q. ‘what I find interesting there was that you said that you live healthily through the week, what’s the difference between what you thought of as healthy then …’

it’s massively different yeah hugely different . At the time I thought that pushing myself really hard in the gym was healthy I thought that eating completely fat free diet was healthy I thought that being really extreme – I was always a person of extremes so  I’d eat no fat and there was one period of time I wouldn’t even eat after certain times , after about 14:00 I wouldn’t let myself eat but then I would eat whatever I wanted for breakfast and lunch and then I have nothing all day and then at the weekend I would just like to binge on alcohol so what’s healthy about that? it’s just extremes from one extreme to the other.

Q.interesting did you find that had an effect on you?

yes once I started I couldn’t stop because I had this hole inside of me that couldn’t be filled  – it is now – but back then I didn’t know how to fill it so I thought that partying was how I would fill it so i’d have a drink and then I wouldn’t be able to stop, i’d get really awful hangovers and terrible mood swings and be so tired all week. In some of my jobs by Wednesday I’d be struggling to stay awake I mean I’d be falling asleep at my desk all day you know  and I’d feel alright again by the weekend and then do it all over again .

I was spiritually bankrupt. I thought that the small amount if money I had coming into my life at the time was all I was entitled to and that was all I had, that was my only freedom in the world, that was the money I could use to move around in the world and that was all that was ever available to me. The day after I watched ‘The Secret’ everything changed I just felt like ‘now I’m an entrepreneur and the whole universe is potentially my client’. I can exchange energy with everyone I meet and I’ve got so much to offer – but also it was a long journey between then and now to develop the skills and Talents that I already had to the level of they’re at now.


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we are back with Carolyn now and talking about how she actually moved on with her changes to to may more positive more fun

I can’t remember where we were now Carol !

really you were saying that as much as you hated that lifestyle you still kept going back to it but you were actually more able to extend the period between going back to it and being healthy for for longer and longer before you went back into the partying lifestyle ..

I would just really hate the way I would feel after weekend of partying and it got the point where I just said you know enough is enough I would stop doing it for a long period of time where I wouldn’t do it at all and I would start to feel amazing and maybe something I should include in this part of the journey is that as started to as soon as I decided to stop doing this i started meeting the most amazing people, my whole energy was changing and I was attracting – as we are like magnets and attract into our life similar energies to what were vibrating – at so i started to attract different people into my life and I started to get back in touch with the real me that loved horses and that wanted to know to connect with this metaphysical side of life I talked about.

I had met my my reiki teacher when I was still back in the dark days and that was where I found my light really and I started learning reiki and alongside any job I was doing at the time I would have my healing practice on the side. Now there’s no way I can heal someone if I’m hangover that just doesn’t work. I wanted to feel good I wanted to be in that light more and more so I would say right I’m a healer I can’t keep doing this to my own body then I would go a long period of time without doing it all in my healing work would develop and then something would happen – it’d be somebody’s birthday and I would ‘have’ to go and then I would go and then the whole cycle repeated itself and then after I would hate myself even more than before because I’d gone so long without doing it and then I’d be so disappointed in myself. But there was something missing I just wasn’t strong enough. I could hold it for a certain period of time and then I wasn’t strong enough to hold it any longer and I would do it again and then I’d hate myself even more and the spaces of time that I could hold it for we’re getting longer and longer and longer and more and more and more amazing stuff was starting to happen during those periods of time I didn’t want to lose that. I did eventually I stop doing it all together. Through the teachers I was meeting and through all the people I was meeting and changing my own energy and vibration I found out about manifesting. In around 2005 my spiritual teacher at the time, my teacher in Swansea showed me the film ‘The Secret’. The day I watched The Secret everything changed. Even though I was doing my healing working you know I was changing a lot about my health I still  felt like the amount of money that was coming into my life at that time was all I was entitled to and that was my limit and that was all I had that was my only freedom in the world and that was the money I could use to move around in the world and that was all that was ever available to me, and the day after I watched The Secret everything changed I just felt like now I’m an entrepreneur and the whole universe is potentially my client and I can exchange energy with everyone I meet and I’ve got so much to offer but also it was a long journey between then and now to develop the skills and Talents that I already had to the level at they are right now.

I could manifest the life I wanted to create and I started instantly looking for courses practising reiki and I wanted a way to work with people more, you know not everybody at that time 10 years ago was as open to reiki as they are now so I needed another service I could offer that would get people in through the door and then I could start talking to them about energies and manifesting once they were in.

So I went to London to do a massage course in Hammersmith Hospital so once a month I would drive from Swansea to London to do my massage training and then as soon as that was over I found another course or should I say the next course found me the right courses always found me. I would come to the end of any given course and I would say right no more I’m not studying anymore for a little while now I need to just use what I’ve got’ but another course would find me before the end of the current course and I be signed up for the next course before I’ve even finished this one! Some of the time I was doing two at a time so this  knowledge the thirst for knowledge was just insatiable. I was travelling a lot I was doing a lot of training and I also left my job and I went to work in the horse racing industry which got me out of Swansea provided accommodation with my job paid me really well AND I overcame a lot of my own fears and insecurities to get up on those racehorses day after day and go out on the Gallops. Iit just made me feel so alive , that energy of facing your own fears and overcoming your own limitations makes you feel so alive and in love with life and that’s the energy that brings in all the things you want . It’s not a selfish thing. I’m saying that because manifesting  can be portrayed quite selfishly ‘I want this I want that I’m going to picture I’m going to put it on my vision board in the universe is JUST going to give it to me’
I don’t believe it happens that way I believe that we have to rise to meet it and we do that with what we offer back to life so that’s why my way of being an entrepreneur was to be of service to people not to just be a money making machine you know, but to exchange energies with people everywhere I go.

Q. It was really intense from the sounds of it all the training that you did I imagine that then the energy would always be there because they’re growing all the time

totally yeah it was it was all coming from a place of love now and that energy of love is actually unlimited. Even though manifesting can be made to sound quite passive ‘I want something so I’m going to put it on a vision board in the universe is going to give it to me’
I’m telling you since I learnt about manifesting i’ve actually worked 10 times harder than I ever had in any of my other jobs but it’s never felt like work, it always comes from a place of love and service and therefore the energy I need is always there and whatever needs I have on the outside they’re always met for me by life because I’m always showing up to my life.  y I love this Buddha quote and it says ‘your work is to find your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it ‘. That’s it.

Q. what have you manifested?

i feel like i’ve pretty much manifested everything. During my years of working with horses  I read a book called E-squared , back in the summer of 2013 it’s all about manifesting and it’s about a scientists perspective – scientifically experimenting in your own life – don’t just take what you’ve heard for granted, test it in your own life! In the beginning it gives you some little tests to do so it’s like ask in this coming 48 hours to see a Sandstone beige car. I was driving along and I was thinking I don’t even know what this colour is and then I googled it to find out what colour is a sandstone beige car and it came up with images of these cars and it was the exact car that I had at the time! – I had this sandstone beige car! so I was like WOW universe and then the second thing you had to ask for was a yellow butterfly. I’d seen a few yellow butterflies sort of maybe in some paintings over the course of the week and maybe there is a yellow butterfly drawing on the cover of a book or something like that but I didn’t actually until this day see a real yellow butterfly but I was driving out of the gates of one of my horse jobs at the time and as I waited for the gates to open I’m sitting in my car and a canary yellow butterfly flew across my windshield and then flew back landed on the windshield and almost look at me in the eye and then flew off again – so I was like again WOW universe. And then the third thing you had to ask for was something from the universe that you you don’t know what it’s going to be as it’s a gift from the universe and it has to be something so amazing that you only manifesting could have brought this into your life so I asked the universe to show me to give me a gift – something that I could never imagine myself and something that would be so amazing I would know it could have only come from you ,  and that’s when lucky boy came into my life ! He arrived in a horsebox as I’m leaving at the end of the day at my horse job and we were all like ‘who’s this?’ there’s nothing booked in the diary, they came they just unloaded him popped up in a stable and drove off and as we weren’t expecting him we didn’t know that he was going to be coming and there he was. That was the horse that I was trained on in the ways of natural horsemanship so for me it was the first horse that I ever interacted with using horse language, and for him as a horse I was the first person who had ever spoken to him in his own language before and there was something so special between us and to cut a long story short he was going to be put to sleep because he was considered ‘problem’ horse and nobody wanted him but my boss would never let that happen to any any horse so he asked me if I knew anyone who would want this horse and I was like I do actually , yes I’ll have him myself thank you very much so I changed his name from Buckie boy to Lucky Boy because he was very lucky to have found me and I was very lucky to have found him. Then the name lucky girl came about – people started calling me lucky girl just in jest but I started using it on social media and it really caught on and now that’s my my whole brand.


  1. Did you make any vision boards?

     Overall I would say that my needs always seem to be automatically met because of the way that I show up to my life. I did make vision boards, I made an early vision board back in the early days when I first heard about manifesting and one of the first things I put on that vision board

    – by the way every single thing you put on your vision board manifests! Some things may take 10 years and some things may take 10 minutes ok – but everything on your vision board will manifest indeed. So on the first vision board I put a pictures of the body that I wanted to have the kind of car that i wanted to drive lots of pictures of pound notes falling out of the sky and I put this picture of somebody meditating on a spiritual retreat and a week later I was on a spiritual retreat in Andalucia with my mentor and spiritual teacher Jason Chan and at the time I put the Vision board up I didn’t even know I was going to be on this Retreat but during that week some inheritance money came in which allowed me to be on the retreat with who is now my lifelong mentor, that was the first  amazing big manifestation .

    Everything on that manifestation board has now come into being so a few years later I put on there pictures of the graduation cap  (as this is when I first started my acupuncture course) , i put up pictures of the way i wanted to feel so i out up this picture it’s just a little cartoon picture of somebody running but their energy field is beaming and they’re in the sun and they’re smiling and the whole energy is just like radiant feel and that is pretty much how I do feel all the time.

    I got pictures up on there of the flat I wanted to manifest and now I have manifested the flat.

It’s interesting how that came about because some of the things like I say take 10 minutes and some things might take 10 years. The flat, when I made a list of exactly what I wanted in this flat I shared with people for so many years I just really was ready for a space of my own so the first thing on the list of place of my own – It Feels Like Home is very quiet it’s a perfect place to meditate but it’s really close to the centre of town I can walk to work etc etc but it took a long time  to come into being and it only actually really came in when I let it go. I was so attached and it got to the point where I just thought it’s not going to happen I just throw my hands up and say whenever it’s going to happen it will happen you know , and then it happened the next month!

I think that’s one of the most important things to know about manifesting.  First of all to be clear on what you want and how you want it to make you feel second of all show up from a place of love and service,
third of all to let go and to be completely surrendered and let the universe show you this or something better .

what are you hoping to manifest in the future?

Well an ongoing manifestation that i have always held really close to my heart is to get my message out there in a bigger way. I feel like I’ve been very busy in the groundwork to get my skills and Talents to the level they need to be at so that I can be my best self in every situation now I feel like I’m ready to take my message out on a much wider scale and two opportunities to do that I’ve already manifested first the newspaper article and now we’re talking about this in-depth on the show so more of the same.

I would love to meet Annie Mac I’d love to be interviewed by her I’d love to treat her with acupuncture teach her meditation – she said on her radio show that she wanted to learn the other day ! I just think she’s a really cool lady and I think she’d be somebody really cool to be friends with. In the newspaper interview they asked if I wanted to manifest a relationship because I’ve been single for a very long time, but the way I feel right now is that i’m very busy living the life I’ve created for myself.

In myself I’ve just got no doubt there is a person out there who is  right for me and I just don’t think those are the kind of things you can force  I think that will happen when the time’s right so I’m in no rush for that.

Q. so anything else then to say to people who are listening to this where would you start ?

First of all really get in touch with what’s in your own heart what do you really want and it’s not necessarily about what you want it’s about how you want it to make you feel so somebody might say ok i want money  but it’s what the money is going to give them that’s more important it might be for that person that they believe that money is going to buy them freedom, they want to feel free on the inside and somebody else may say I want to manifest a relationship and they want to manifest a person because they feel that person is going to give them love when what they actually wanna feel and experience is Love , so getting really clear and in touch with your heart, ‘why’ you want to manifest the things. You want a man because of the way that you believe they are going to make you feel and cultivating those feelings in your life NOW that’s what’ll bring the manifestation in faster because the longer you believe something on the outsides going to give you that , the more you’re keeping it at Arm’s Length – you’re almost pushing it away because you don’t believe that you already are it or that you worthy of it and something on the outside has to change for you to feel it. When you can actually cultivate those feelings for yourself through meditation – and that’s another massive part of my journey, my meditation practice. I’ve meditated daily since 2008 and everywhere I’ve gone i’ve created meditation groups.  Together we share our hopes we share our miracle manifestation stories we share our fears we share things that didn’t go so right you know we support each other it’s a very safe space and there’s a power in groups. The BIGGEST piece of advice I would have for anyone is be careful what you say. What you think about and what you say are your prayers. When in company if you say ‘oh I can’t afford that’, not only do you believe that but the person you’ve just said that too now believes it about you too, so that’s a doubly strong belief and if the people around you start thinking ‘she can’t afford things’ that’s going to make it much harder for you to call in the money that you need to manifest. Really the power of groups. Having these powerful positive conversations can change lives around you because it really is the strongest way to manifest, in the group energy, in the presence of others .

How can people get in touch with you then and experience your wonderful Aura I would say ?!

thank you, and yes

I also run events with well known speakers in this field. We only have speakers that live and breathe what they say not just someone who’s saying it but someone who’s actually living and breathing and walking their talk so we have my teacher Jason Chan mad most recent teacher Sandy Newbigging was here twice in the last three months I’ve got a few events coming up so get in touch with me and Come and find out about all these different ways that we can get together and create miracles.

So in closing, be in love with your life if you’re not in the energy of love then you know what’s the opposite of love? Fear. If the energy that you’re creating your life from is a place of fear , it’s a place of Darkness as opposed to light so a really easy mind game that you can play with your own life to help you fall in love with your life is ,
even if you’re in a situation where you are not comfortable maybe it is a fearful situation maybe you’ve got to stand up and give a presentation at work in front of people that you haven’t prepared for something like this ,inside your mind say to yourself ‘I love this’ I love my bank account my bank account loves me, i  love my digestive system my digestive system loves me, I love my work my work loves me – or whatever fits for you. I just find that really helps to be positive even if you don’t love where you’re at right Now, by saying that you start to and then the better opportunities will come in. Good opportunities don’t ever come from a place of I hate this and I need to change this.

thank you very much now for this afternoon Carolyn we are going to play out with your song:

Get Lucky by Daft Punk.

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