Removing The Blocks

It struck me, when I first met Carolyn, that she was full of enthusiasm and passion for life. She has a great curiosity for how life works: what is the true meaning and true purpose of existence. I was fortunate enough to have worked with her in seminars and workshops in various parts of the country. She is so genuinely warm-hearted and compassionate towards humanity. She has a “never give up” spirit. She is a very gifted healer and masseur and a person in whom you can trust. She is also an exceptional teacher of Reiki, meditation and energy work. In her presence, you feel uplifted and well supported. – Jason Chan


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Mind Calm is the modern meditation technique that proves the secret to success is stillness.

Instead of having to stop your thoughts, change your emotions or perfect your life before you can enjoy serenity and success. Mind Calm can help you to access the inner states of calm, clarity, confidence and contentment – NOW. While also helping you to perform at your best, sleep better, access your intuition and creativity and connect with others. Mind Calm works by helping you to change your relationship with your mind by being ‘consciously aware’ during daily life (which is why the name ‘CALM’ stands for ‘Conscious Awareness Life Meditation’). Different from mindfulness because it is awareness-based instead of mind-based, you can enjoy the big benefits of Mind Calm anytime and anywhere. If you want to stop your mind from working overtime, worry less, feel better and get more done with less stress, then Mind Calm is the modern-day meditation technique that you’ve been looking for!

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I was trained personally by Sandy Newbigging the founder and creator of Mind Calm. I offer group and one to one coaching in all of his methods. I also offer 4 week MindCalm coaching courses which can take place in person and over Skype £345,

I also offer Corporate Mindfulness Workshop Days and lunchtime/before work/after work sessions | £350 per hour or £1000 for a 4 week course with up to 40 employees (repeatable)

I was trained by the creator of MindCalm, Sandy Newbigging, more info on what is involved and included here https://www.sandynewbigging.com/corporate/

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Carolyn has been a friend and associate for many years and I’ve watched her flower as a teacher and healer – she’s one of the real ones – born with the gift and with the enthusiasm to share it with the world, yet also commendably assiduous in her training, and I can’t recommend her highly enough – she’s a force of nature and a force for good.

– Barefoot Doctor