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‘You deserve to feel Alive’

– Carolyn LuckyGirl Sykes, Founder  

Ready to get Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser?

“Carolyn has been a friend and associate for many years and I’ve watched her flower as a teacher and healer – she’s one of the real ones – born with the gift and with the enthusiasm to share it with the world, yet also commendably assiduous in her training, and I can’t recommend her highly enough – she’s a force of nature and a force for good.” Barefoot Doctor

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Is this You?


  • Awake at night in physical discomfort and/or anxiety about tomorrow’s workload?
  • Have big dreams and goals to expand in your chosen career, but find it takes all you’ve got just to get through a day working at your job?
  • Feel like you never have enough energy leftover for your health, relationships and goals after the daily grind?

Congratulations! You’ve found me and you’re in the right place. I offer meditation and acupuncture services both on and offline in answer to your health and energy dilemmas. I was like you once. I thought there was no solution other than to keep on keepin’ on, until I met my mentors Jason Chan and Barefoot Doctor. Now through acupuncture and the energy meditation they taught me, I’ve got an abundance of Chi energy and I’m ready to share it with you. Nothing fires me up more than sharing this wisdom. I help you unlock your own Chi reserves through meditation and acupuncture, both on and offline. If you take this journey with me you’ll have enough flow for everything on your bucket list – with a little leftover – and make everyone around you want some of what you’ve got!  

I can help with:

Acupuncture Newbury

“I asked the universe for a miracle and then I met Carolyn and since I’ve had miracles happen everyday. Not only is Carolyn a fountain of knowledge, she also has a kind soul, a great big heart and has held my hand all the way since I stepped on my spiritual path” – Candice Bauval

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