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_RMP1257-EditReiki 1,2,3 The Power to Heal with Presence!

What is it?

A weekend course, Friday night 7-10pm Reiki One, Saturday day 10am – 5pm Reiki 2 and Sunday day 10am-5pm Reiki 3! The complete system, at your fingertips.

But more to the point – What is Reiki?!

Rei Ki is a Japanese healing art. Rei means universe and Ki means lifeforce. So Reiki means Universal lifeforce energy! The Reiki attunements you will receive over the weekend will ‘tune you in’ to the healing vibration of the Reiki energy (extensive teaching on energy levels during the weekend) much like tuning into 106.7fm to receive kennet radio station 😉

for a little more on this check out this recent article on MindbodyGreen…

How will this benefit you?

Have you ever watched a sick relative or friend suffer and felt helpless? Like you would just love to ease their pain and/or anguish but you don’t know where you would even start? Ever wanted a superpower? What if that superpower was the ability to heal? Heal physical, mental emotional and spiritual malaise? Heal with your touch, your eyes, your Presence?! Well guess what – everyone has the ability to do those things and more and that is your birthright! If you feel called now, it is time to activate it for the good of all.

This is for you if:

All of the above

This is not for you if:

You don’t feel called to alleviate the suffering of sentient life forms on this planet, or have a calling to a higher purpose.

Why choose me as your teacher?


I have a been a Reiki Master Teacher , Holistic Therapist and Acupuncturist for well over a decade now. I have synthesised all of my knowledge, wisdom and power of presence into this weekend course that will quite literally change your life.

How has this changed my life?

For me personally Reiki was step one on an infinite staircase of spiritual growth. Reiki helped me to transition from a period of heavy partying and dark dark personal struggle. Since learning Reiki back in 2004, one of the biggest transformational practices in my life has been learning to meditate with monk, Sandy Newbigging. Sandy trained me as a MindCalm coach and I will be incorporating all powerful present moment awareness into the teaching of this unique weekend course where you will learn all three levels of Reiki for personal, and then professional, use. The course will be followed up with ongoing supervision and advanced courses.


Why Am I offering this , Now?

I meet so many people who have completed Reiki one, and not taken it any further. Or who have taken Reiki 2 and want to pass this incredible healing art on to others but don’t feel ‘worthy of being a Reiki Master’ due to the common misconceptions out there. The most common reason people do not seem to go any further is that they feel unsupported and incompetent at the techniques. It can also appear ‘too simple’ to be of any real benefit to the skeptical western mind. This is why I am offering comprehensive training in present moment awareness, as presence is the real healer, not really techniques – although techniques are taught to harness the attention of the mind. To reiterate , the reason I want to teach the whole 3 levels in one weekend is that I feel the Reiki training is incomplete if only Reiki 1 or 1 and 2 have been received – check out this testimonial :

“I took Reiki 1 as a short day course a few years ago hoping to add another string to my bow for when I meet with clients needing a little help to heal. However, since Reiki 1 is only advisable to use on friends and family, in order to make it part of my professional practice I would have had to take at least Reiki 2. I teach most weekends, so time is very limited and I just never found time to go back and learn more while I still had the interest in it. How I wish I had found a programme like Carolyn’s where I could have learned every thing I needed to know in order to practice Reiki in one course! I could have batched together all the learning while I had the time and passion to do it. As it is, my Reiki 1 has become a wasted qualification and I use other techniques that I was able to master in one course.”  Maharati, Meditation Coach, London.
Another reason I am offering this now is that I have chosen to become an Ishaya monk which requires a 6 months of intensive meditation practice and all monies earned from this course will be funding my commitment to serve humanity at the highest level possible.

We are at a time on this planet where the consciousness of humanity sorely needs more love infused into the collective. Reiki 1,2,3 will give you a system to achieve this for yourself. Each and every one of us when we raise our consciousness or vibratory level can and will affect the whole. We are all one, and when you make a commitment to raise your vibratory frequency you help to raise the sea level for all ships afloat.

How does this work?

Reiki 1,2,3 is a one weekend course for personal use. The cost is £495 for the whole weekend including light vegetarian food and course handouts.

Earlybird price of £395 if paid for at time of booking,

and a 3 monthly instalments option available of £198.33 (totalling at £595) – CONTACT ME FOR THIS OPTION

If you want to use your qualification to gain insurance and practice and teach professionally you will need to attend three supervision sessions. You will also need to complete 3-5 case studies before receiving your certificate and final attunement.

An additional meditation certificate is compulsory to pass this course, as this is Reiki with Presence !

You can attend a MindCalm for Me Day £50

Or attend a first sphere ascension meditation course taught by Ishaya monks – also at my house £200

or you can complete a ten week MindCalm coaching course with me online for a discounted rate (£450 instead of £550)

If you have already completed any of the above you’re PRE QUALIFIED for this additional compulsory module !

All sales are final , course fees are non- refundable because supervision is available indefinitely.


Laura Nuckley : ‘I can honestly say that I would not be where I am now if I had not taken this course with Carolyn’