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Hi there! Coming to you from the desk of Carolyn Sykes! Today I’m immersed in my new favorite thing…writing.

How was your Christmas? I’ve been wanting to write for a few days now on how special Christmas feels AND the sadness/emptiness that can be felt when the festivities are over. This is the way with everything in life – or should I say with everything that is stimulating to the mind. No matter what it is we are anticipating or working towards, there will come a moment when ‘the party is over’ and life can be experienced through a series of highs and lows. What happens then is the mind gets attached to the highs and ‘resists’ the lows. There’s a couple of issues with this – firstly as you will know if you watched my recent facebook live on slowing down to speed up, time is an illusion and can either speed up or slow down – you know the saying time flies when you’re having fun!! So time seems to speed up when we are experiencing the occasions we are attached to, and it can seemingly slow down when we are experiencing what our mind is resisting aka SUFFERING.  And, as the Buddha said, all suffering stems from attachment and resistance  …


So I  just wanted to connect to let you know that there is another way. That other way I have experienced directly through my daily commitment to my meditation practice. When you hear those words, daily commitment to meditation practice it can sound quite dull, like a drudgery that most run for the hills from. But I can promise you that the form of meditation I practice and teach is far from a drudgery!! I would go so far as to say that my meditation is my favorite time of the day – and it doesn’t need to start and end on the meditation pillow. This is an eyes open as well as eyes closed practice which means I can also be meditating all day with my eyes open!

During Christmas I noticed that the feelings I experience every day, and have made a commitment to stay connected to, are similar to the feelings that are heightened for most around this special time of year- Love, Connectedness, Peace, rest and Joy. So my message to you is that the ongoing experience of the feelings we want to experience most need not be limited to ‘special’ occasions and times of the year. They can be your daily life – I even snuck away from the festivities on Christmas day to connect through my closed eye practice as there’s nothing better – and that party’s never over.

I am running an online course in January where I will be teaching this meditation method along with teachings from A Course In Miracles over a 4 week period. There will be a private group on facebook where I will also go live on video every day to meditate with you and answer any and all questions you may have. You will have lifetime (as long as Facebook exists) access to the training videos AND I am available Now to answer any questions you may have so if this resonates with any part of you then do reach out 🙂

There’s a big reason I’m working in this way now (online) and that’s because there is someone out there who is waiting for me to step up and do what my life purpose is, and this way I can reach so many more people and find you.

Miracles, Carolyn

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