Removing The Blocks

“I asked the universe for a miracle and then I met Carolyn and since I’ve had miracles happen everyday. Not only is Carolyn a fountain of knowledge, she also has a kind soul, a great big heart and has held my hand all the way since I stepped on my spiritual path” - Candice Bauval

“I am amazed how much my life has changed since meeting Carolyn 3 months ago. She is a truly amazing person and an exceptional teacher. Her gift for life, unity and love is so powerful that it’s catching!” - Ellen Connelly-Clinch

“There are certain souls that give to others without realising their value. Carolyn is one of these souls. Her enthusiasm and dedication never falters. She is always so excited to share her knowledge with us all and does so in a loving and kind way. A selflessly dedicated lovely lady that has helped to bring peace and balance to my life.” - Kerry Skillen

“Carolyn Luckygirl Sykes, I could listen to you forever!” - Heather Francis

“The way you live your life inspires me beyond words.” - Simon Emmanuel

“Carolyn LuckyGirl Sykes is the best in the business.” - Hayley Louise Davies

“The transformation I feel in myself after seeing Carolyn is indescribable! The tension is gone, emotions are settled and i feel completely me again. Absolutely Amazing.” - Belinda Finch

“Carolyn has opened my eyes to another way of thinking. Very accessable and inspiring.” - Stephanie Taylor

“Excellent meditation classes on a Wednesday lunchtime or Thursday evening- I can say I do enjoy Wednesdays however the longer evening class on a Thursday is also very enjoyable and you leave with an even greater sense of wellbeing and tools to support your own meditation away from class. I have also tried magnetic healing with Carolyn and this was an enjoyable and relaxing experience which I hope to try again in the future. Carolyn has a very calming presence and it’s a joy being around her or in her classes.” - Gemma Mitchener

“Just brilliant! I have throughly enjoyed every class. Not only have I noticed a huge difference in myself but it has also been commented on by my friends.” - Tracey Langham

My mentors:
Infinite Meditation was created by Jason Chan to express the essence of his own deep spiritual awakening and spiritual insights.

My well known teacher and close friend, Barefoot Doctor.

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